jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

How To Paint Gold

In this tutorial i show my own way to paint True Metalic Metals Gold, the i apply some rust efects in the gold, you can use this or not depending the effect that you wanna get. You can paint this only in 6 steps.

Click in See All pictures to see the whole tutorial.

1)- First i paint the Basecoat using Scorched Brown ( Citadel -Games workshop ).With a dilution of 50%paint - 50% Water. I apply 3 thin coats to get a solid Basecoat

2)- Then with  Brassy Brass ( Game Colour - Vallejo ). I use a dilution of 50%Paint-50%Water too. In the deepest areas i left my Scorched Brown Basecoat to use it as my shadow.

3)- The next layer is made with  Shining Gold ( Citadel-Games Workshop ). Dilution 50%-50% too. This layer was aplied in the higher areas of the metallic ballon, In the bottom i left my Scorched Brown and the Brassy Brass Coat, to get the sensation of the light is comming from UP.

4)- To make the Highlights i use a mix of 70% Shining Gold + 30% Mithril Silver ( Citadel -Games Workshop ). That layer was applied to the higher area and in the Sharp edges of the metal partes.

Until now we got a Pure Gold without rust effects, if you want a antique gold you can use the final 2 steps in this tutorial

5)- First apply Jade Green ( Game Colour - Vallejo ) in a dilution of 20% paint- 80% Water in the lowest part and arround the small rivets. In those places the rust will acumulate naturally

6)- In the last layer i use Blue Green ( Model Colour - Vallejo ). Also a dilution 20% Paint-80% Water.

Final Result:
I Hope you can use this in your miniatures! See Ya!

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